Running Out…

Last night my husband and I drove into NYC to see a play. With the longer days this time of year, that gave me a nice block of knitting time in the car. I am almost done with the yellow Zarrella Baby Sweater, then I need to do the hood. Last night I realized that I might run out of yarn….
I searched a few Websites when we got home and I may just try to order one more skein for the hood–even if the dye lot is off a bit, it shouldn’t matter in this case.
While I’m ordering, I might by some Crystal Palace Blippity to make the Blippity-Deco Ribbon Shrug that I saw on Crystal Palace’s Website. It might just be the perfect use for the rest of the multicolored ribbon I have left over from my tank. There is also a Blippity Tank I can make too…just when I was winnowing down my stash.
Tuesday I go to Las Vegas for a one-day business trip. I may try to sneak off to a yarn shop, as I have mentioned, finding local yarn shops wherever I go is one of my new goals.
I have been reading all about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and wishing I was there. My sister lives in Maryland and I’d love to try to convince her to go with me next year. A goal to work on.


One response to “Running Out…”

  1. Yummy Yarn MJ says :

    Ooh, that’s lovely, Debby! I think I like the shrug more, the colors are fantastic. I’d like to see that on you.- MJ


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