The beginning of the school year, lots of activity at work and some family issues have kept me very busy, with little time for knitting. My saving grace has been that I have been able to take the train to some of my recent business meetings, and I’ve given myself permission to read or do work on the way into the City, but knit on the way home! I’ve been working on my Socks that Rock sock and loving it. I also received my latest STR skein, “Titania,” which came with two beautiful patterns.

I’ve taken some time today to clean off some of the older buttons on my blog and add some new ones. I’m looking forward to participating in the Red Scarf Project again this year; I think it’s a very worthwhile cause and an easy charity knitting project.

New on my needles is the Oat Couture Shawl; the picture from the pattern is here:

I am doing this in Paca Paints yarn, by the Alpaca Yarn Company, in a lovely blue and grey colorway (#404). It’s very soft; the pattern isn’t that interesting yet, but I think I will enjoy this project. It is the first of several shawls waiting to be made.

I did finish my Lacey Poncho; it is drying after blocking right now and I hope to post a photo soon.


One response to “Maintenance”

  1. Charity says :

    That looks like a wonderful pattern! The shawl bug seems to be sweeping through the online community, and I’m feeling the urge to knit one myself! :0)


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