One Skein!

I had participated in the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange over the summer, but hadn’t really gone through the book carefully. After finishing my Sonoma Shawl the other night, I felt like doing something quick, and something that would make a small dent in my stash!

I chose “The Clutch You’ll Never Give Up,” and started it yesterday at knitting group. It was so easy and fun; the Colinette Point 5 was such a blast to knit up, and then while my family watched the Mets lose last night, I finished! I felted today and I’m really pleased with the results. The two yarns look wonderful together, and the Aussi Wool Yarn is absolutely wonderful for felting. Here are before and after felting photos:

Now I’m considering the gloves from the One Skein Book…perhaps to use up some pretty cherry-colored Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that is waiting to be used.

For today, I’m about to start a cute “70’s Suede Jacket” in Hot Pink Berroco Suede, a pattern I’ve been holding for about a year and that originally appeared in one of the Better Homes Knit It! Magazines.


2 responses to “One Skein!”

  1. Nicole says :

    Deb, how big did this knit up? I like yours the best out of all that I have seen, and would like to use the same yarn.Is this big enough for a purse or more wallet size?Great project, and I like your blog!Thank you!Nicole


  2. onefastbow says :

    Hi, love the bag . I am glad my Aussi wool worked good for you. Seaport is a great place, she has a little of everything there. Joe “oassisyarn”


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