The Final Word on the Sonoma Shawl

I took the shawl off the blocking board today. I gained about 4-5 inches with the blocking, and I’m happy with the finished product. Take a look:

I do still want to make a big, flowing shawl–something kind of like this one, or one of the nice Fiddlesticks shawls, or the Clapotis, or the Half-Pi Shawl for which I already have yarn…

Anyway, I’m going to wear the new one tonight and enjoy it. At Stitches East, I’ll search for a beautiful shawl pin to top it all off.


3 responses to “The Final Word on the Sonoma Shawl”

  1. RheLynn says :

    What a beautiful shawl! What yarn did you make it out of *was looking, but didn’t see it, maybe not looking in the right place*Your red Einstein jacket is also lovely!


  2. Charity says :

    Lovely shawl! You did really nice work. :0)Whoa – what is this? Days of no posts, and then you go post crazy? Nice to hear what you’ve been up to. :0)


  3. sink sink socks says :

    Her attire was strange; whereas awoman’s garb is usually groomed to the last fold, she had one of herstockings hanging down and two ass ebony round of her waist buttons opened.


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