I finally finished my Socks That Rock “Rock and Weave” socks. They came out very cute, and I’ve loved the STR Yarn. I was jealous looking at everyone’s Rhinebeck pictures–I am DEFINITELY going next year!–and seeing the range of STR Colors that The Fold had on display.

This was the first pair of socks that I’ve felt the need to block. I may invest in sock blockers, like those made by Fiber Trends, but in the meantime I went the homemade route with a bendable hanger, as shown here. It’s actually worked pretty well.

As these socks require buttons, I ordered some from Button Shoppe online and should have them soon. Pictures of the completed socks to come!

For my next skein of Socks that Rock, I tried the pattern that had come with the skein of the lightweight. The pattern is called “Hippy Crunchy,” and I just wasn’t liking it after the first few rows. There is a sssk part that was making me crazy! So I settled on Knitty’s Hedera, which looks like it will compliment the yarn beautifully; this pattern has a lacy feel and the pattern is interesting without being frustrating. Will keep you posted on how they’re coming along.


One response to “Socktoberfest!”

  1. aija says :

    Can’t wait to see your button choice; I thought that pattern was so cool for that little detail! 🙂


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