The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

I am finished with my Ribwarmer! This was a really fun project to knit, but when it came time to sew it together, things got a bit rough. First, sewing items together always gets me nervous. I love to knit, but don’t like to sew. I think if I sewed projects together more often, like anything else, I’d get more comfortable with it and I’d do just fine.

The first seam I sewed, which I thought was supposed to be sewing two bound-off edges together in the “faux Kitchener” method, didn’t look as perfect as I wanted it to, so I redid it–4 times. Then I accepted it as it was and moved on to the next several seams, which were various varieties–rows to rows, rows to stitches, etc., and looked much better. But…the Ribwarmer didn’t look right…I couldn’t see where my head or arms would go. I did a Flickr search and found a very helpful photo of Emma’s Ribwarmer, which SAVED me! Now the project is done–I really like it, although I may wet-block it so that it’s just slightly larger. Here are some pics:

I also completed my test-along square this week, and completed 3 out of the 5 FunFur hats I am making for Kate’s project for kids with cancer. I’m just awaiting some size 13 DPN’s I ordered to make the last two. I feel good that between these two charity projects and the Ribwarmer, I’ve done some pretty decent stash-busting. The Brown Sheep Worsted I’ll have leftover from the Ribwarmer will probably go toward one more charity project, a scarf for a World War II veteran, organized by Lauren at the National World War II Museum.

I’ve been struggling with my Titania’s Revenge socks (hence the name, I suppose) but now that all of these other things are done, I will try to finish Sock #1, at least, for now.

I also got the new novel and soon-to-be Julia Roberts flick The Friday Night Knitting Club out of the library. So far I love it! I think it’s based on a Yarn Shop I used to go to when I lived in Manhattan, so it’s nostalgic among other nice qualities. I only have it for 7 days, though, how will I fit in all of the reading, knitting and the rest of life in general?


2 responses to “The Best of Times, The Worst of Times”

  1. Emma says :

    Yay!! Congratulations. I always get compliments on mine when I wear it out. I’m sure you’ll get lots too.


  2. Gale says :

    Your ribwarmer looks great. Love the colour you chose.


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