One Titania’s Revenge Finished!

I finished the first “Titania’s Revenge” sock from the Socks that Rock sock club. For those of you who are also in the club, you’ll know that this yarn was sent back in the summer…yes, I am several skeins behind on my socks, and I still have another one of these to go! This was definitely a pattern that required a lot of concentration, particularly when knitting the foot, which is usually the “home stretch” for a top-down sock. But I enjoyed it and love the way it looks. Here’s a shot of the sock and a close-up of the cool, cable-y foot:

Just like with my recently completed Ribwarmer, I was able to get some clarity on the pattern of this sock from doing a Flickr search. That site is such a treasure trove when trying to visualize a finished object! Now on to Sock #2. I’m starting tonight so I don’t lose momentum.

While I’m thinking about socks, Christine of the Pointy Sticks Podcast is having a Podcastiversary contest, where she is asking listeners for their thoughts on socks. While working on this one, I determined a few things that might interest Christine:
1)I ADORE Socks that Rock yarn
2)I wish I were a bit faster at knitting socks, because I have so many patterns and sock yarns I want to get to
3)I usually have a sock going as my #2 project (which is why they take a long time!) I have a sweater, afghan, etc. going as my “main,” “big,” project, but socks are a great portable secondary
4)Since I started knitting socks last year, it’s hard for me to wear any other kind on a cold day!


2 responses to “One Titania’s Revenge Finished!”

  1. Michele says :

    Hi,I just finished my first Titania this weekend also. The foot was just an excruciating process, even with lots of tips from other sock club members. I, too, cast on for the second sock right away, as I really want to wear these socks this winter! I did the first sock on Magic Loop, but am trying the second on dpns (which I’m more comfortable with). Good luck!


  2. Patricia says :

    Ack, I say you sock on the KAL Blog. After struggeling through the ankle, after reading your post and the comment, I now have knots in my stomach. My current mistake is putting the sock down just before starting the foot. I should know better. Wish me luck!!!


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