Today, being a snowy Valentine’s Day here in NJ, I took the train to work. Whenever I travel by train, I grab a portable knitting project for the ride home (on the way to work, my luxury is reading the newspaper, something a driving commuter can’t do!)
I took my One-Skein Scarf, from One Skein Wonders,

which I’m planning on donating to a charity. I was speeding along on this fairly mindless pattern, when I noticed I was off a row about 2 inches back from where I was. Question: it’s not that noticeable, should I rip or leave it be? I’m sure you know the answer–I ripped–probably 3 times–until I got it right, as it was difficult to tell which row I was on after ripping back. Now I’m back on track, and pleased that this project is perfect, no matter who will be its recipient.

In other news, my One Piece Lace Pullover in the gorgeous Brooks Farm Duet is coming along nicely. I’m through the first sleeve and now have the front, back and right sleeve on the needles. The 7-stitch repeat is easy, and I’ve put markers on the needle to make sure I don’t slip up. With 218 stitches on the needle, I don’t want to take any chances!

One response to “Perfection”

  1. Karolee says :

    Hi,I followed your link from Favorite Socks KAL. Great blog site! I look forward to reading more for knitting inspiration.Karolee


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