And the Winner Is…A Perfect Heel!

While watching the Academy Awards last night, I was working on the heel of my Marble Arches sock, part of last season’s Socks that Rock Club. I knew I might be in trouble as I read the heel directions, which kept saying CONCENTRATE and FOCUS in capital letters! I got somewhat bogged down in their directions to YOK and YOP, and decided I would give up and do a basic heel from Knitting Vintage Socks. But after getting my kids to sleep and knowing that there were several more hours of Oscars to watch, I decided to rip out and try the pattern’s heel again. This time, I got the rhythm and feel of the pattern and the heel turned out beautiful!
Earlier today, I had been talking ot a knitting group friend about how I really want to learn to crochet so I can do finishing on my knitted items that call for crochet edging or seaming. I told her I hated not knowing how to do something that I feel I am capable of (like crochet) and she said she could tell that I was like that….I can’t tell you how gratifying it is for me to look at that pretty heel. I feel like I won an Award!

4 responses to “And the Winner Is…A Perfect Heel!”

  1. Kristy says :

    The heel looks fabulous! I love the way the colors stripe in and out on it. The Titiania’s Revenge socks also look great 🙂


  2. Micki says :

    Gorgeous short row heel! I wish mine looked that good. You do deserve an award.


  3. Carrie Penny says :

    The sock is beautiful!!! I wish I could master them. I am working on a pair of booties (will have pics on my blog today) they seem to be the only heel that I can turn w/o problems arising…On the topic of crochet…if you can knit, you can crochet…It is so much easier to learn, and self teach. I have crocheted for almost 20 years now (it doesn’t seem that long…) if you get stuck in learning, let me know…I would be more than happy to tell you how to do and where to go.


  4. Bethany says :

    Where are you in NJ? I’d be happy to show you how to crochet… I’m in South Brunswick.


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