Made it!

Since we leave tomorrow for a week of vacation, and I wanted to get my One Piece Lace Pullover off to be finished, I burned the midnight oil last night, unravelling my ravels and finishing!

Here’s a picture of what it looks like pre-blocking and pre-sewing together; I’m very pleased with it, loved making it, and now definitely want to make a Clapotis, preferable out of something as soft and yummy as this Brooks Farm Duet!

Now, just so I can be into something when we get to our vacation spot, I am casting on in the Peaches and Creme cotton for my daughter’s pink cotton duffel bag, adapted from a pattern in Knitting with Ribbon Yarn. This is probably one of my more experimental patterns, in that I am not really following the pattern at all, just using it as a reference point and taking bits and pieces from other patterns and my imagination. I’m using small–size 4–needles, to ensure that the fabric is tight and secure. So we’ll see how it goes. More to come when I return!


4 responses to “Made it!”

  1. tiennieknits says :

    Followed you over to your blog from IK KAL – it looks great! Love that you’ve outsourced the last bit of work – gives you time to cast on something new, no?


  2. Restless says :

    The sweater looks great!Have a great vacation 🙂


  3. knitseashore says :

    What a beautiful sweater! Enjoy your vacation!


  4. Riggwelter says :

    Your sweater is beautiful!Hope you enjoy your holiday.


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