Socks Do Rock

I finished the Pittsburgh Steelers Socks. They look great and my little fan loves them.

Now it is on to my Sockapalooza socks–I want to make sure I finish them in plenty of time. I have decided on Knitty’s Hedera, a pattern by the awesome Cookie A. I had started a pair last year and felt that the Socks that Rock colorway I was using was too busy. I am going to use Socks That Rock again, in the Mustang Sally colorway from last year’s Sock Club. It is mostly reds–gorgeous, deep hues–and I think these socks will look great in this colorway.
So now, with my tank ready to be re-started, I’m back up to three projects at once. But they’re all great, and I’m happy.


3 responses to “Socks Do Rock”

  1. Seanna Lea says :

    Nice looking socks. The Steelers thing made my husband comment that it is ‘gold.’


  2. AlisonH says :

    Now those are happy socks. Cool.


  3. court says :

    these are cool soxs. i bet ur lil fan loves them.


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