I received my great contest prizes from Shannon and Stephanie of SSK.

They sent me a beautiful skein of Opal Sock Yarn, it looks like it is called “Southwest Collection,” color #5.

I think it would make a beautiful pair of socks, or might even be a pretty half of a Chevron Scarf (since I just got Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.)

They also sent me a very cute pad of foldover stationery that looks like the old Nancy Drew books. How did they know that I read every one of these books as a child, and also that my kids leave for camp in less than two weeks, and I will need to write to them on fun stationery!

Thanks, ladies, for these treats. After a long week, it was great to receive them.


3 responses to “Prizes!”

  1. Midnight2sticks says :

    Hooray! Glad you liked them!


  2. Stephanie says :

    that stationary is so cool! I’m super-jealous 😉


  3. Stephanie says :

    I’m so glad you liked everything!The fold and mail Nancy Drew stuff is so great…and so perfect for a little note to kids at camp.Hope you have fun with it!


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