Socks, Continued…

Surprisingly, I finished my Hederas yesterday. We watched a movie Saturday night and I knit straight through, getting most of the foot done. I finished up by the pool yesterday and Kitchenered the toe last night. They look beautiful, if I do say so, and I hope my Sockapalooza Pal loves them as much as I do.

I immediately looked at that sock stash that I shared with you earlier this week, and decided that instead of continuing to plow through my Socks that Rock, I would use one of my self-patterning yarns. I picked the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy, in beautiful blues and greens.

My sister had sent me this skein when she determined that sock knitting was not for her. After perusing Ravelry for more time than I care to admit last night (boy, is that site addictive!) I determined that because this yarn creates a Fair Isle pattern that’s pretty busy on its own, most people knit this yarn up as straight stockinette. Wanting a bit more interest, I decided to try the Ridged Feather pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Although I have several sock books, I keep going back to this one! This pattern uses an Afterthought Heel, which will be something new for me. So now I’ve officially started on Summer of Socks! Just 4 days after summer began–not bad.


3 responses to “Socks, Continued…”

  1. Bryony Ramsden says :

    Ooo, your Hedera socks are lovely! A gorgeous colour 🙂


  2. Kristy says :

    Great job on the Hederas! I love the color, and that pattern is one I’m planning to try eventually :)Ravelry can really suck you in, can’t it? I love it!


  3. Madison says :

    That’s a GREAT sock yarn. I always love Lana Grossa, but I can never find a pattern that seems subdued enough to knit it with. You getting excited for football???


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