In Praise of Etsy

While working on the seed stitch that is the home stretch of my BonBon tank (I will probably finish it tomorrow night, now that I am in a summer mode with the kids off at camp), I was thinking about Deb at Fearless Fiber’s request that we fellow bloggers spread the word about Etsy. If you are not familiar with Etsy,it is a fantastic site where Indy crafters sell their wares to those of us who love to buy from small, independent vendors. My first experience buying on Etsy was actually at Deb’s own shop, and since then, other Etsy purchases for me have included cool beaded stitch markers from Three Owls Knitting. I like to browse Etsy and bookmark favorites–not only is this a haven for knitting-related products, but there are also hand-crafted bags, soaps and perfumes, journals and hand-crafted paper goods, pottery, food, clothing, etc. It’s the kind of site (like Ravelry) where one can get lost, but as Deb notes, it’s the kind of site that sometimes doesn’t get credit where credit is due. So as she has suggested, I’m “shouting to the world that Etsy is a place worth visiting,” and I hope you’ll spread the word.

More on my knitting, Summer of Socks, etc. soon!


One response to “In Praise of Etsy”

  1. Deb for Fearless Fibers says :

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about Etsy, Deb! Most appreciated 🙂


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