Gatsby Girl

I have started my Gatsby Girl Pullover, from the Fall 2006 issue. Unfortunately, my dad spent the last week in the hospital, and I had literally cast on for this sweater the night before I was unexpectedly called to be with him. I knit a few rows each day at the hospital and I now have about 7 inches done–I just finished the waist decreases and I will now start increasing.

I am really loving this pattern! First I thought it was coming out too big, but the ribbing really pulls it in and now I’m hoping it’s not too tight! I’m using the Rowan Cashsoft DK (the yarn called for in the pattern) in the Kingfisher colorway (a pretty blue-green, or teal). This is a case of my buying the yarn for something else, and then spotting this pattern that called for the yarn. It is a little bit of a different pattern style for me, but I think I’m really going to like it. I LOVE Interweave!


One response to “Gatsby Girl”

  1. Riggwelter says :

    That’s looking lovely. Hope you’re dad is ok.


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