Knitting in Spain

We got back from vacation a few nights ago. We had a wonderful trip to Spain, and I had a great time tracking down the list of LYS’s that Maria-Jose, a Barcelona knitter, had recommended to me several months ago when I think I saw a blog post of hers somewhere in this funny, warm online knitting community that we have.

One of the shops was cool because it was in the Old City section of Barcelona, dating from Roman times, and the shop, Persones Llanes, is actually on a street called Placa de la Llana (“Wool Square”). How cool is that?

I was good and didn’t buy yarn, as most of what they carried included brands that I can easily get here, although they did have some interesting hempy kinds of things that might have been fun to try. I never made it to the shops on Maria-Jose’s list that sell Katia, a yarn made in Spain–I might have bought that just because I was there.

We did a lot of driving within Spain before we got to Barcelona, and there were the plane rides, so I did get a fair amount of knitting done (although none in the 48 hours that we’ve been home–mail, laundry, etc. are intruding!). I am making good progress on the Gatsby Girl, and am now on the lace part of the back. But given that I then have to do the front and the sleeves, it will be awhile before that baby is done. I also made good progress on the leg of my current sock #2, and even more progress on the Midwest Moonlight scarf. Now that I know that the Red Scarf Project is much earlier this year (scarves need to be sent by October 15), I may use the Moonlight Madness scarf for that purpose. We’ll see.


One response to “Knitting in Spain”

  1. Riggwelter says :

    Good to see you back safely and to hear you had a great time.


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