Road Trip!

We had a six hour car ride (each way) to visit my in-laws this past weekend. In addition, while we were there, most of the family went to watch our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers but there weren’t quite enough tickets for all, so I got to knit while watching on TV as the Steelers dominated the Philadelphia Eagles.

As a result, I am almost done with the leg of my Slipped Stitch Rib Sock for my honey, and it seems to be fitting his leg perfectly. I was concerned that the Socks that Rock Medium Weight might make a sock that’s too thick for someone used to wearing thin men’s socks, but he seems to like how it feels so far. We’ll see how it goes when I get to the foot!

I also got back into the Gatsby Girl pullover and am almost done with the waist shaping on the front. It will still be quite some time before this project is finished, but I continue to enjoy it, no matter how long it takes.


2 responses to “Road Trip!”

  1. Riggwelter says :

    oh, his socks are looking great, love the colours.


  2. J says :

    I love this colorway! I made my husband the same exact socks, I think! Is this the Lagoon?


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