At the start of this weekend, I took a look in the closet where my stash is kept and got a little panicky. All of the shopping bags full of yarn were a bit disorganized, and my Vogue Knitting issues from 1992-93 seemed a bit dated–I never look at them and, having just read and enjoyed the 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting and realized that most of the older styles that were shown had been rewritten and updated with new yarn, I felt it didn’t make sense (and I didn’t have the space) to keep all of those old issues.

I bought some plastic storage bins and some cardboard magazine storage units and now the closet is in some semblance of order. All of the sock yarn is in one bin (just barely fits), all of the yarn for specific projects in another, and miscellaneous yarn for projects TBD in the third. My Manos–enough to make the Four Seasons Throw that I have not yet begun–had to remain in its shopping bag as there was no room in the bins for it.

I feel better about my newly organized stash, and it happened not a moment too soon, as my first installment of the Hill Country Yarns Sock Club arrived the day after the reorganizing! It’s a lovely Periwinkle Blue in their Sweet Feet yarn.

It looks somewhat thick for socks (it calls for a size 2 needle), but it is extremely soft and squishy and is a gorgeous color. The pattern that came with it, called Sweat Pea, is very nice too. Into the sock yarn bin it goes!


2 responses to “Reorganizing”

  1. Riggwelter says :

    I’ve recently been re-organising myself, I love it. I always find things I had forgotten about. The colour of that sock yarn is beautiful.


  2. Laura says :

    Deb,That’s what I need to do….re-organize my overflowing stash and take some pictures of my yarn for Ravelry….congrats on a job well done. The sock yarn looks lovely and how lucky that you got into the sock club in time….it seems like a good deal.


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