I’ve Been Gifted: International Scarf Exchange

I returned from a lovely Thanksgiving holiday in San Francisco to find a wonderful treat–my GORGEOUS scarf from my International Scarf Exchange 5 pal, Erin, along with some awesome goodies.

The scarf is an adjusted version of Lady Eleanor, from Scarf Style. As I’ve always coveted this wrap, the scarf, in my favorite earthy tones of beautiful merino wool, is instantly a favorite. Along with it came a beautiful, vibrant ball of 100% silk (looks like sari silk?), some pretty little candles and cool magnets.

Thank you so much, Erin!

The long plane ride also gave me ample time to finish my daughter’s socks, and I am in the very final stages of Gatsby Girl (perhaps I’ll finish during Monday Night Football tonight?!) Pictures when they are complete…and then it’s on to the next project!


3 responses to “I’ve Been Gifted: International Scarf Exchange”

  1. Emma says :

    Ooh, nice surprise!


  2. Donna Lee says :

    That is such a pretty scarf. You can wear that with lots of things all winter.


  3. Craftybernie says :

    HiyaJust bloghopping through the ISE5-ers and stumbled across your lovely Lady Eleanor (which I’ve been coveting since I bought the book last year). What a great swap you’ve had!Toodles…Bernie


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