Immediate Gratification

Tempted by several Super Bowl Sales in a number of local yarn shops (and I did go to one to buy yarn for my husband’s requested vest), I decided that what I really needed to do was delve into my stash and use up some of the single skeins I’ve bought at previous Super Bowl Sales and never used.

Last year, I bought a skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky to pair with a single skein of Patons Glittallic that I had gotten from a swap pal. I had the intention then of making the Spiral Rib Bag from One Skein. Never even started, this project was forgotten as others took its place. Now I pondered doing baby hats for Afghans for Afghans (which I may still do), but I looked at the Spiral Rib Bag pattern again and decided to give it a try. I knit with these two skeins held together, and since both are bulky weight, this made for a tight, sturdy fabric. The bag is big enough to use as a sock project bag, it’s really cute! The Glittallic is completely used up and the Lamb’s Pride is now a little oddball.

Mission accomplished! It’s great to finish a project in ONE DAY! Now, back to Lizzy and my socks. The sock weight yarn and size 1.5 needles feels sooooo thin and tiny after the double bulky weight bag!


One response to “Immediate Gratification”

  1. Jeanne says :

    Very cute – and how nice that you are using up single skeins!


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