The Right Project for the Right Time

It’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged…sorry to anyone who is awaiting new material!
Our vacation was fabulous and I actually got a fair amount of knitting done. No one confiscated my needles at an airport, and I was careful to knit mindless projects when I was somewhere that required concentration (such as listening to a tour guide or navigating those unfamiliar roads while my husband drove), while I worked on my Muse Wrap while in a quiet setting where I knew I’d be able to finish a row uninterrupted!
Now that I’m back, I’ve been busy going back and forth to doctors appointments with my mom, who is about to have surgery. The Staghorn Cabled Tunic, which I started for my daughter, is my project of choice for these occasions–it’s an easy, fast-moving pattern and if I stop in the middle of a row, it’s no big deal. She is excited about it too, which is awesome for a 15-year old!

In the world of socks, I finished my Saucy Socks on the trip and I’m really pleased with them. I’m now at the beginning of the Sweetpea Socks from Knitty, using the Silkie Socks that Rock Yarn all the way from the 2007 Sock Club! I read too many negative reviews of the openwork pattern that came with this yarn and was reluctant to knit it, even though I liked the look of it. Too much going on to do a frustrating pattern!
I’m also awaiting my box for Dishrag Tag…hope to receive the box this week before I head off on a long car ride for the holiday weekend.


One response to “The Right Project for the Right Time”

  1. Donna Lee says :

    I was just thinking about the Saucy socks as a gift for christmas. I like the pattern and have some yarn that the recipient has expressed much admiration for.


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