Since I seem to be finding less time to blog, I will keep up my recent tradition of posting when I have a finished object to brag about. I finished my Muse Wrap last night! Yay! I immediately pinned it out to block, and today it was ready to wear. I’m very pleased with it. My knitting group saw it last week as I was furiously working to finish it–I, like many knitters, become almost obsessed when I’m so close to finishing something that I’ve been working on for MONTHS–I was ready to stop and have some yarn left over, but they encouraged me to use up all the yarn I had so that I could throw the shawl over my shoulder. I’m glad I listened to them. The Sublime Kid Mohair Blend is so airy and pretty, that I think I will love wearing this shawl over a coat now that the weather is turning colder, and then wearing inside over a top once I take my coat off. Because of the lightness of the yarn–it almost floats–having a shawl that is over 80 inches long won’t seem odd for a 5’2″ person.
I had originally planned this shawl as a piece to keep in my office for those chilly winter or summer (air-conditioned) days, but I think it’s a little too dressy. I’ve queued a bunch of worsted weight shawls in Ravelry that I think would serve the office purpose better. But it may be awhile before I get to those–for now, I will continue work on Talia, as well as the Diagonal Baby Blanket I am working on as part of my knitting group’s Charity Project for a local hospital. I’m using Lion Brand Homespun in a pretty colorway called Quartz, which has some pastels on a beige background. It is coming out soft and nice even though the yarn has a sort of weird feeling to it.
Eventually, I will also get back to my socks, but I’m finding it easier to be somewhat project monogamous these days.
By the way…I also learned how to edit my photos using the Picnik service on Flickr. Hopefully now they will fit better in the little squares on Ravelry, and look better here too!


One response to “Milestone”

  1. Sunnyknitter says :

    Came to check out your blog from Rav, your wrap is beautiful! Enjoy all the compliments I’m sure you’ll be getting:)


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