Doing My Part for Our Economy

My sister and I went to Stitches East last week–it is the last time this event is going to be held in Baltimore, which is near where she lives and a modest train ride for me. We had skipped last year, and decided we both needed a fun sister day. Even though my stash was in no need of replenishing, I wanted to make sure I bought from some of my favorite vendors whose wares can only be found at fiber shows. These include Brooks Farm, where I bought 3 luscious skeins of Mas Acero, a light worsted that I will use for one of the many shawls I’m planning. The other vendor I wanted to make sure to visit was Tess Yarns, where I got 2 more balls of the microfiber ribbon that has gotten such raves in the tank I made a few years ago. This is a pretty blue/green/purple variegated that I will use for another tank. I stayed up late winding it the other night–that’s the one drawback of this slippery ribbon, it is a BEAR to wind!! But now it’s in two neat little balls, waiting for me to get through a few of the other projects I got.
The first item I cast on from my purchases is the Tai Chi cardigan from Twisted Sisters, purchased at the boot of Great Yarns of Everett, WA–this booth has the most exquisite collection of sweaters and other garments that I’ve seen. I could have made just about everything they had on display. I’d love to visit their store in person one day!
Among a few other projects, I also got some gorgeous fused glass buttons from Bonnie Maresh Glass Buttons, a vendor from whom I’ve bought before. My Talia vest is now complete and the buttons really make the finished object look fantastic.
I also had some time over the weekend to organize and catalogue my stash on Ravelry. Now I will enter yarn purchases into my Ravelry stash as I buy them. The closet is a bit daunting, but I did my part to prime the pump of our ailing economy and got some gorgeous yarns that make me very happy. Now if only I had more time to knit!


One response to “Doing My Part for Our Economy”

  1. Ter - N. MI says :

    Love the vest, the cables etc, really stand out with the gray!Terrye


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