End of Summer, New Projects

As summer winds down–I guess it has already wound down, as it is September–I finished a summer tank. So now I’ll need to wear it quickly before it’s too cold outside! The Tess Microfiber Ribbon is one of my favorite fibers, and this tank fits perfectly–I know it will stretch, so I’m not even going to block it. It can be worn with the scoop in the front or the back–I may try it both ways. I love the colorway–light greens, light blues and purples–but I don’t really have a lot to go with it, so that will be a challenge, especially once summer is over and my light blue pants are out of the rotation. Things could be worse!

For my next project, I think I’ll continue on with the Clapotis that I started before going on vacation at the end of July. I took so many projects on the trip, and of course, I didn’t need to. I finished the Chemo Cap for my friend before we even left, and started and finished the LouLou Comfort Socks on the trip. I’m happy to say my dear friend loved both of these comfort items–I hope the prayers that went with them will work wonders for her.

I worked on the tank during the trip too, but didn’t touch the Clapotis. So now I will work on that along with finishing the Solstice Slip socks that I also worked on during the trip.

In between, I got an iPhone (which I ADORE!) and made a little sock for it.

So I guess that’s why the tank took me over two months…a little knitting ADD going on!

More to come as the leaves fall.


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