I guess a good trip to Rhinebeck is among the best motivators to finish things so that new ones can be started. Tonight I finished my Serendipity Socks, which came out really nice–the colors are so cheerful, and as I pointed out on Ravelry, I never would have chosen this colorway but got it as part of the Rockin’ Sock Club a couple of years ago, and I am very pleased with it now that it’s been knit into a beautiful pair of socks. Great pattern too. I have never been a big fan of short-row heels, and the directions in this pattern just didn’t do it for me, so I used the directions (that I thought to be much clearer) from Socks a la Carte. Same result, but just easier for me to do with yarn overs vs. wrap and turns.
Next up, before I start one of my Rhinebeck purchases, is the Bauble bracelet from Knitty–one of the treats I bought myself after I did the beaded Citron. I bought a kit of all the beads from Earthfaire and I think this will be a good learning experience–the bead-stringing is pretty tedious. I will cast on something else to alternate so my eyes don’t pop out of my head!
I think I’ll start another pair of socks and then either a Rhinebeck project or the poor hooded vest that’s been waiting patiently in my queue for two years. I bought the Skacel sock kit for which all of the proceeds go to the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research–may make those as a Christmas gift for the daughter of my friend who just passed away from this horrible disease. Kind of like a prayer shawl…The pattern looks very intricate, so I think I will use the yarn and the spirit of the project (the teal blue, etc.), but use a different pattern. Especially if I’m doing this as a relief from the teeny beads!


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