The Big Project is Finished–Go Blue!

Finished my daughter’s University of Michigan Afghan with over a month to go before she leaves for college! I am very pleased with it and hope that it brings her good luck and lots of love in college. I used almost 2,000 yards of yarn in this afghan and enjoyed the pattern very much. Making it in strips of two squares (as recommended on Ravelry) was great, and I liked the mitered garter border I added.
So now it’s on to some new projects, particularly in advance of a vacation where I’ll need some big and small projects to occupy me. I’m going to try my luck at getting knitting needles on a transatlantic flight too!
I’m working on the Cauchy Socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation for my husband;
The Uisce scarf/shawl from Carol Feller’s Stolen Stitches booklet– a good way to use up my lovely Brooks Farm Mas Acero;
and the Transverse Cardigan from Interweave Knits, which I’ve always wanted to make and will be a nice use for my Autumn House Farm’s Finnean’s Rainbow yarn, purchased at Rhinebeck last fall.
Lots to do before I leave, but at least all of these projects are on the needles and ready to go!


One response to “The Big Project is Finished–Go Blue!”

  1. AllisonInPhilly says :

    Your daughter is sooo lucky! What a wonderful gift and keepsake! Plus, I remember that a couple of my dorm rooms were freezing (not in MI, but in RI), and an afghan would have been swell.


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