Winter Wear

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! Had a wonderful long weekend with my beautiful daughter home from colle I loved spending time with her as well as seeing all of her friends–such a great group of girls. I gave two of them their earflap hats–three more to go in the “core” group of friends and one additional friend has requested a hat. At this rate, colleges all over the country will have samples of m hats, and hopefully this will lead to sales!
I have now made two official sales in my Etsy shop and look forward to growing my business.
As I said goodbye to my daughter until she returns again in three weeks, I promised that her Hunter Boot Liners , a variation of kilt hose, would be finished by Winter Break. Last night I powered through the first one while watching a too-close-for-comfort Steelers victory, and am about halfway through the decorative cuff of boot liner #2. I’m confident that I’ll reach my goal. At 16 inches for the leg, these boot liners are a very significant project!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is doing lots of cold-weather knitting!


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