I Gave In to Temptation

Walking down the street today, on my way to the train station to go into New York City for a lunch meeting….I passed Wool & Grace, a yarn store that I heard about from a friend but have not had the chance to visit since it’s been open about a year now. After a successful meeting, I rewarded myself with a visit to the shop, where I found lovely yarns and had a great discussion with shop owner Cathy. 

I wasn’t going to buy yarn, although I wanted to buy something. But when I saw the Easy Folded Poncho (by Churchmouse Yarn & Tea) on a mannequin, and I felt that Eileen Fisher vibe from both the style and color of this garment, I had to have it.


The yarn is Juniper Moon Farm Herriott, 100% baby alpaca, so it’s incredibly soft and will be very warm. Yet anothertem added to my bursting stash. But I felt so good when I walked out of the store!

Now more projects will have to take a back seat as I itch to cast this on…but first, my son’s scarf! 10 LONG rows to go!


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